1967-1970 Cert Ed. Bulmershe College of Education, Berks
1973-1982 Teacher/Illustrator - Central & West Africa
1982-1987 Illustrator/Tutor.
1987-1989 BA Hons. Art & Design. Norwich University of the Arts (NUA)
1989-1999 Artist/Illustrator/Tutor
1999-2007 Professional Member of the Association of Illustrators
1999-2009 Artist/Illustrator/Tutor
2010-2016 Artist

Private Collections
Indigo Collection, Art Consultants, Liverpool (Indigo Awards 2005) Indigo Art
Grifols International, Cambridge Science Park, 'River of Life' Commission.
The Director, King of Hearts Centre for the Arts Norwich.
Prof. G. Murray OBE, Exeter University
Prof. Arthur Lucas AO CBE
Also work held in private collections in UK, Holland, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland and Australia.

Artists Statement
My early abstract work draws on 10 years spent in Africa while more recently my present home in Norfolk and frequent visits to Australia have provided a new and exciting source of images. Collecting impressions and subsequently working with these, I attempt to understand my place in these disparate worlds. Each location brings with it its own special spirit, colour and textural palette. Over time these sources are filtered through my imagination and emerge with a dreamlike quality, sometimes much later, hinting at layers of history, geology and culture. I offer a contemplation of my relationship with these special places; a sense of time passing, of ancient cultures and peoples on the move in an ever changing landscape.